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 DO NOT Ship a product unless you have received a confirmation email from SellplusBuy stating that the item was purchased.

When a buyer clicks on buy now the order is automatically saved and appears on your sales list. Some buyers can just do that and leave the checkout page without actually making the payment. So, just because an item appears on your sales list does not mean it has been paid for. when the payment is made, we send the seller a confirmation email with the order details. therefore, no item should be shipped unless we have sent the confirmation email. We will not be hold responsible should there be any type of confusion regarding this matter.

Unless you know what you’re doing, never accept transfers or buyers who suggest sending you money directly to your bank account for BuyNow items. This is a known strategy that scammers use to fraudulently get your items and never pay you. The proof of payment they show the seller is usually fake while using the account name and number provided by the seller.


We recommend buyers to purchase items from verified sellers especially when it comes comes to buy now items. As a seller, you should verify your account to increase trust. 

If you have more than 100 listings/adverts to upload please refer to sellplusbuyfor business





1. Create an Account (click here to see how)


2. Click post advert on the top right


3.  Fill in the title of your advert/listing ie: IPhone 6s


4. Choose the appropriate category for the item you’re selling or service you’re offering



5. Select the type of listing/advert you want to post is it:


        5.1    A classified item


Require both the buyer and seller to meet (we always  recommend to do it in a public place), negotiate the price if need be, agree on the quality and whether or not a the purchase should be concluded.


        5.2    A buy now item


This type of item does not require a meeting between buyers and sellers, the seller places the item on the site with a fixed buy now price. If a buyer is interested,  he/she clicks on the buy now button  located next to the price of the item. The buyer then proceed to checkout, make the payment, we process the payment, when it goes through the seller receives a confirmation email with the buyer’s information, ships the item and provide the buyer with a tracking code.

Sellers can request payout anytime after the seller as received the item and is happy with it.They can do it by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using the email account they registered with on this website.

Choosing the buy now option is the easiest and fasted way to sell because you are selling to anyone in south Africa, not just you city

NOTICE:  Please  be transparent when it comes to Buy Now products as buyers satisfaction is very important to us.


6. Choose you location from the set of options in the location menu 


7. Enter the description in the description text area. Give as many relevant details as possible, provide a detailed description of your product in order to give potential buyer a clear understanding and to facilitate the decision making process.


8. Enter your number in the contact field


9. Set Buy now to “Yes” if you have chosen BUY NOW as your type in step 5


10. If or when you set buy now to “yes” a new field will display right under the buy now option. This field is quantity, enter the quantity that you are selling.


11. Set the right price:  it is important to keep in mind that due to the high level of competition in the market it is not advised to market your product for more than its worth or value.  It is therefore better to price the product fairly in order to gain a competitive advantage.



12.  Shipping method (s): Make sure you have read step 10 thoroughly, then choose your shipping method and enter your shipping price



18.  Promotions: Choose which promotion you would like to  add to your listing